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Grand Knight   Charles Helmstetter III   kofc1400@yahoo.com

Chaplain   Father Jeffery Craig

Deputy Grand Knight   James Entz

Chancellor   OPEN

Recorder   Tom Nypaver tomnypaver@kofc1400.com

Financial Secretary   James Sporrer

Treasurer   Anthony Lozito

Lecturer    OPEN

Advocate  John O'Neill

Warden   Thaddaeus Nypaver

Inside Guard   Wayne Kelley

Outside Guard James Beachem

Trustees  Raymond Mabold, 1st Year

                Robert Marbella, 2nd Year

                (Ralph) Thomas Hunkele, 3rd Year




Bishop's Project / Tootsie Roll Collection   Open

Retreat   Tom Koch / Robert Lacher

COAL   Open

Church Director   Bernard Gray PGK

Scriptural Radio Rosary (nightly - 7 PM WKHB 620 AM) 

Penny Collection   Open

Admissions / Publicity / C.U.F. Degree Team / Communications Director/  Tom Nypaver tomnypaver@kofc1400.com

Mariner Newsletter Tom Nypaver tomnypaver@kofc1400.com



Council Phone: 412-761-6663

Knights of Columbus Council 1400 - PO Box 99335 Pittsburgh PA 15233
COUNCIL E-MAIL: kofc1400@yahoo.com

Members, to create an email account ending in "@kofc1400.com" contact brother -          Jim Haupt